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Client Reviews

Client Reviews for Synergy Anti Aging Clinic in Victoria, BC

Synergy Anti Aging Clinic provides 5-star health care. See what our clients are saying about us! 


I have had several different aesthetic services at Synergy Health and am very happy with the natural and appropriate results I got. I just wanted to look more refreshed and age well for my age but nothing more. The team is very caring, warm, passionate and made me feel at ease that I’m in good hands and they wouldn’t over-do it.. They’ve been incredibly helpful in guiding me to the services that got me the results I wanted. I am loving the beautiful results and will continue aging gracefully with their expertise! I would highly recommend Synergy.


As a 60+ athlete, the NAD IV therapy has resulted in a host of significant benefits from an increased systemic level of energy, to an accelerated recovery after 2-3 hours of intense sports. It’s an amazing metabolic nutrient that literally helps you go back in time. The practitioners and staff at Synergy are extremely knowledgeable and innovative. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s wanting to maximize their health.


The hormone therapy I’m on because of Synergy is life-giving. It is not a band-aid and nor a temporary fix. They’ve been incredibly accommodating through COVID managing my therapies virtually and the result is life-changing. The balanced supplementation plan has enabled me to sustain energy and enthusiasm all day long. I can only imagine how much better my academic and work performance might have been, had I discovered Synergy and this option 10, 20, and even 30 years ago.