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SkinPen Microneedling Treatment Specialist

SkinPen Microneedling Treatment Specialist in Victoria BC

If you are interested in SkinPen microneedling therapy or want more information on this therapy, contact the Synergy Anti-aging Clinic today for more details. Contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 105-3960 Quadra Street Victoria BC V8X 4A3 Canada.

SkinPen Microneedling Treatment Specialist Near Me in Victoria BC
SkinPen Microneedling Treatment Specialist Near Me in Victoria BC

Table of Contents:

What does SkinPen microneedling do?
What are the benefits of SkinPen microneedling treatment?
How much does SkinPen microneedling cost?

Are you looking to improve your skin’s tone and appearance without having to endure the pain and recovery time of traditional surgical interventions? Then look no further. We are the SkinPen Microneedling specialists located in Victoria BC. We will help you achieve anti-aging results and improve the appearance of your skin with our SkinPen Microneedling therapy.

What does SkinPen microneedling do?

SkinPen Microneedling therapy uses the latest and most advanced technology to achieve optimal results for your skin. SkinPen Microneedling delivers microscopic punctures to your skin with the intended purpose of stimulating neocollagenesis (production of new collagen) and neurovascularization (increased blood supply) to treat and correct any areas of concern on your skin.

SkinPen Microneedling involves using fine, sterile needles in a pen-like wand to puncture the skin. Each piercing of the needles creates an opportunity for your body’s natural healing processes to create and produce new collagen and elastin. 

This process, known as “controlled injury,” allows the skin to repair itself, which results in a more youthful, vibrant and even-toned appearance.

What are the benefits of SkinPen microneedling treatment?

SkinPen Microneedling therapy is a painless, fast, effective, and affordable treatment. Microneedling allows your skin to retain a youthful appearance by rejuvenating and revitalizing the top layer of your skin.

One of the benefits of SkinPen Microneedling is the lack of healing time required. Unlike other laser treatments, SkinPen Microneedling only delivers the treatment necessary to reach the desired tissue penetration depth without damaging the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Microneedling allows clients to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment, eliminating downtime associated with other laser skin treatments. Thus, SkinPen Mirconeedling is an ideal procedure for those who don’t want to spend multiple days out of the office or away from their other responsibilities.

With SkinPen Microneedling, you will immediately see improvements in your skin’s appearance. SkinPen Microneedling therapy helps smooth lines and wrinkles, fade scars and stretch marks, reduce pore size, and improve skin tone, texture, and firmness.

Additionally, SkinPen Microneedling is an ideal treatment for the management of:

• Fine wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes
• Facial redness due to broken capillaries
• Uneven pigmentation on all areas of the skin’s surface
• Treatment of stretch marks and post-pregnancy scars
• Treatment of scarring caused by acne
• Age spots
• Enlarged pores
• Loose skin

The overall benefits of SkinPen Microneedling include improved skin appearance, improved skin tone and skin revitalization with minimal damage.

How much does SkinPen microneedling cost?

The cost to have SkinPen Microneedling treatments performed varies based on several factors: what area(s) you choose to have done during your session, and the overall condition of your skin. Microneedling treatments are spaced up to three weeks between sessions, and treatments can last anywhere from three days to a few months, depending on how well your skin regenerates skin cells or collagen. The SkinPen Microneedling process usually takes 30 minutes, though it can sometimes take up to an hour per session.

Outlined below are approximate costs, including cost per session, possible follow-ups and overall cost.
SkinPen Microneedling treatments range from $200 to $700 per treatment. Typically, SkinPen Microneedling treatments are booked for three to six sessions and it can take several sessions to see overall results. 

Overall costs can range a client anywhere from $600 to $4200.

We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to improve their skin’s appearance through SkinPen Microneedling. or to book your appointment with one of our highly-qualified, microneedling practitioners, call Synergy Anti-aging Clinic today or book your appointment online through our convenient self-serve booking tool. We serve clients from Victoria BC, Oak Bay BC, Esquimalt BC, View Royal BC, Saanich BC, Cordova Bay BC and Langford BC and look forward to meeting you!

Let us help you rejuvenate, revive, and restore your skin to its natural youthful beauty.